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5033 English Creek Avenue
Egg Harbor Township
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 407-6742

Use of Facility Terms

It is agreed by the agency submitting an application that they will comply with all rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors of the Atlantic County Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center.  It is also understood by the submitting agency that failure to comply with the rules and regulations that are established may result in the suspension of future privileges associated with the Atlantic County Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center.

Atlantic County – Anthony “Tony” Canale Training Center

  1. Food and beverages are confined to the cafeteria area only. 
    This regulation will be strictly enforced!
  2. Classrooms will be returned to standard set-up at the completion of each day. Training personnel are responsible for keeping their areas neat and clean.
  3. Any problem with the facility or scheduling should be reported to the front desk.
  4. Individuals attending classes or meetings must use the rear parking lot.
  5. No Smoking allowed in this or any other County building.
  6. Profanity/Offensive language will not be tolerated.
  7. DO NOT put feet on the walls, chairs or tables.
  8. DO NOT lean back in chairs in order to prevent personal injury or property damage.
  9. Training facility access is limited to the classrooms, training areas, cafeteria and rest rooms.
  10. The Training Center main telephone number is 609-407-6742. This number is furnished to you as a courtesy, if you need to be reached in an emergency.
  11. Personal telephone calls are to be made on the public telephone, which is located in the hallway across from classroom #3.
  12. Alcoholic beverages on the premises are prohibited. Consumption of alcoholic beverages before or during attendance of training is prohibited.

Facility/Classroom Regulations

This facility provides critical and essential functions to the County and its First Responders and therefore must remain secure at all times. Security measures are in place to afford Employees and Visitors a safe and secure environment while within the facility.

ALL visitors must enter through the main entrances at the front of the Building to gain entry.
ALL visitors are required to state their purpose in order to be granted access to the facility.
NO ONE shall place an encumbrance or object in any door in an effort to prop open the door allowing unauthorized access.
NO ONE shall open any door in order to allow a person(s) in the building that has not been authorized or permitted after being processed at main entrance.
It is a violation of the Facility Security Policy for anyone to circumvent the measures that are in place. Violation or deviation of this process may result in cancellation of the class being conducted and/or forfeit of any future classroom requests. 

Thank you for your on-going and anticipated cooperation in adhering to these protective measures.
You are not permitted to bring food or beverage into any classroom with the exception of water. If you fail to comply with this regulation and cause damage to the carpet or tables in the classroom you will be held responsible to clean and/or replace damaged item(s).

Any day that a functional weapon is to be used during training, the weapon shall be unloaded prior to entering the building with the ammunition stored in your vehicle.  A weapon unloading/loading area has been designated and posted on the far side of the storage shed off the rear parking lot.  Under no circumstances will any participant have ammunition on his or her person when a functional weapon is being used during training.

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