The Atlantic County Division of Public Health is in the Department of Human Services and offers comprehensive health services to enhance your work, your family, your neighborhood and your life.
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Department of Human Services

Division of Public Health

Substance Abuse Services

The Division of Public Health administers programs to address the problems of drug and alcohol abuse.

Substance Abuse Services

The Division of Public Health receives state funding to ensure the availability of treatment services, particularly for the indigent. Services include detoxification, inpatient and outpatient services, halfway house programs, and substance abuse education. Residents in need of these services should call (609) 645-5945 or (609) 645-5932 for referral and possible financial assistance.

Heal Lives, Families and our Community

Family enjoying the beach.Would you be interested in a substance abuse screening for yourself or a loved one?

Atlantic County residents can schedule an appointment, at no charge, for a confidential substance abuse screening.  Atlantic County has access to all of the available assessment and substance abuse treatment programs.

Substance use disorders are treatable diseases. Call to schedule a screening today! (609) 645-5932

Further information and referrals are available.

Intoxicated Driver Resource Center Offender Program

Anyone convicted of "Driving Under the Influence" must attend a 12 hour or 48 hour Intoxicated Driver Resource Center Offender Program conducted by the Division of Public Health. The program is court-mandated and in lieu of a jail term. The programs are held in the Shoreview Building, 101 Shore Road in Northfield. For more information call (609) 645-5932.

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Atlantic County Alliance for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The Atlantic County Alliance oversees and provides advice and support to 16 Municipal Alliances, representing 23 municipalities within the county. Municipal Alliances, through state funding, provide grass roots substance abuse prevention programming within their communities. These programs address needs identified by the community specifically for each municipality. In Atlantic County, over 250 volunteers work within our municipalities to administer, fund and/or run 164 substance abuse prevention programs. To find out who your local Alliance Chairperson is, call the County Alliance Coordinator at (609) 645-5932.
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Services for Youth

Children's System of Care

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