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Thursday, September 5, 2002

Levinson Proposes Bond Ordinance for Infrastructure Improvements

County Executive Dennis Levinson has announced that a proposed bond ordinance will provide $10 million in regional transportation infrastructure improvements. "Our infrastructure must be prepared to handle Atlantic County's growth and development," he stated.

The improvements would include growth zone projects such as the North-South Connector and some of the county's busiest intersections, in addition to highway improvements, bridge and drainage improvements, interlocal projects, and safety enhancements.

"There are many projects that need our attention especially in the designated growth areas of our county. We are faced with phenomenal current and projected growth that is putting a tremendous strain on our infrastructure. We have always had a multi-year plan but the purpose of this funding is to take our existing program and kick it up a notch. Many municipalities are hard pressed to adequately address the effects of the tremendous growth they are experiencing. This bond ordinance will greatly enhance our ability to work in partnership with local governments to address our common infrastructure needs," Levinson said.

The Atlantic County Board of Freeholders is scheduled to vote on the first reading of the bond ordinance at its September 10, 2002 meeting. "The proposed spending plan has been reviewed and is supported by both the Freeholder Budget Committee and the Freeholder Roads and Bridges Committee," stated Freeholder Chairman Kirk Conover.

According to Levinson and Conover, the assumption of the new obligation will not increase the county's annual debt payments because of a fiscal strategy that includes self funding of new debt and the aggressive pay down and restructuring of existing debt.

For more information, please contact Glen Mawby, Intergovernmental Liaison, at (609) 343-2229.

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