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Monday, June 22, 2020

Atlantic County Animal Shelter Finds Unexpected Pandemic Benefit

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter has found an unexpected benefit from the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to County Executive Dennis Levinson, the shelter has experienced a 95% live release rate during the last three months.

“We are seeing record numbers of adoptions, redemptions and transfers to rescue organizations in conjunction with reduced numbers of surrendered pets and strays,” he explained. “It is very gratifying to find loving homes for these animals. And to our surprise, the demand has only increased during the pandemic.”
A total of 81 cats and 91 dogs have been adopted during this time, in addition to 282 cats and 106 dogs that have been transferred to rescue agencies.
Shelter Manager Kathy Kelsey attributes the increased interest to the fact that most people have been spending more time at home, by choice or force, while others are seeking companionship to ease loneliness and isolation. 

“The extra time at home also provides more opportunities to train and acclimate a new pet,” she added.
But while there are more empty cages at the shelter, there are still a variety of dogs and cats of various ages and temperaments that are available.
The shelter is currently open by appointment only in accordance with state public health protocols. Please call (609) 485-2345 or visit for more information.


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