The Office on Disability plans, develops, and works in coordination with the various supportive services for people with disabilities.
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Legal Resources on Access and Accomodation

General Issues

If you have a disability and are experiencing access or accommodation problems, you can contact the following agencies for further information and assistance:

  • For accommodation concerns or questions related to Atlantic County Government's programs, activities or services contact Office on Disability: Information and Assistance 1-888-426-9243.  (TTY uses NJ Relay 1 800 852 7899).
  • US Department of Justice offers technical assistance on the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design and other ADA provisions applying to businesses, non-profit service agencies, and state and local government programs; it also provides information on how to file ADA complaints.
    ADA Information Line for publications, questions, and referrals 800-514-0301 (voice) 800-514-0383 (TTY). Internet address:
  • The Northeast ADA & IT Center is located at Cornell University in NY. This is our regional center that can answer a variety of questions about the ADA and accessible information technology. This center can be used by businesses, employers, people with disabilities and advocacy organizations. Hotline 1-800-949-4232 (Voice/TTY) or visit
  • The NJ Barrier Free Subcode sets out accessibility standards for walkways, parking lot spaces, ramps, entrances, doors, corridors, stairs, floors, elevators, public bath rooms, etc. The NJ Department of Community Affairs is the enforcing agency for the state. Most municipalities have a designated building code official to enforce the accessibility regulations of these state laws. It is advisable to identify the municipality in which the facility is located and contact the municipality's building code official by telephoning the town's City Hall. You can ask for information or register a complaint.
  • The NJ Law Against Discrimination (NJ LAD) is a state law that provides a variety of protections to people at risk for discrimination including people with disabilities. LAD prohibits unlawful discrimination in places of public accommodation. These accommodations may include actions such as providing auxiliary aids and making physical changes to ensure paths of travel. There are five offices for the Division on Civil Rights in NJ. One office is located in Atlantic City at 23 Pennsylvania Avenue, 3rd Floor, 609- 441-3100 (Voice) or 609-441-7648 (TTY).

Accessible Parking in NJ

  • To obtain an application for a permanent wheelchair symbol plates or persons with a disability placards: Go to , call 1-888-486-3339 or visit your nearest MVC facility
  • Temporary placards, which are issued for short-term mobility impairment or medical conditions, are valid for six months and are issued by your municipal police department. Contact your local City Hall or Police Department for an application.
  • Vehicles are prohibited from parking in accessible spaces without special vehicle identification. Remember: accessible parking permits and plates are to be used solely by the person with the qualifying disability, with punishable fines of at least $250.(C.39:4-197.(3)c) If someone who does not have a disability uses another person's permit or plates, the Motor Vehicles Commission or issuing locality may revoke the permit of plates or deny renewal.
  • Remember: Do not park in the striped access aisles next to spaces reserved for people with disabilities, even if you have permit or plates. The access aisles provide room for wheelchair users to transfer safely to and from their vehicles. Even parking a few inches over the lines may prevent someone from using their ramp or lift.
  • NJ accessible parking laws prohibit the issuance of penalties for overtime parking in one location for up to 24 hours, when the person to whom the issued placard or wheelchair symbol plate is either the driver or passenger of the motor vehicles (C.39:4-207). When parking at a metered space, a driver with a placard or accessible license plate must put the appropriate amount of money in the meter to the maximum amount. This will permit the vehicle to occupy the space for up to 24 hours, and no further payment will be required during that time. A municipality may require the vehicle to vacate the space after 24 hours.
  • NJ accessible parking laws authorizes eligible people with disabilities to request law enforcement officers to arrange for removal and storage of motor vehicles unlawfully parked in these designated parking spaces or zones (C.39:4-207.7)
  • Business are required to clear ice, snow, or any obstruction from an accessible parking space and adjacent curb cuts within 24 hours after the weather condition causing the snow or ice ceases. New Jersey Parking Law (C.39:4-207.9) mandates fines from no less than $500 and no more than $1000 for violations.
  • As a courtesy, if the person with a qualifying disability is driving or being transported by car and there are multiple accessible spaces available, please use a space that does not have a Van Accessible sign posted. Whenever possible, these parking spaces should be left for persons who use a lift or ramp to exit their vehicle.

The information above is from the New Jersey Division of Disability Services' Guide to Accessible Parking

You can also visit the NJ Division of Disability Servcies website (

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