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Superintendent of Elections

Independent Voter Information

As of January 1, 2006, the category of “Independent” voter has been eliminated. Any voter who chooses not to affiliate with a political party or group is now classified as an “Unaffiliated” voter. Therefore, your voting record will be changed from “Independent” to “Unaffiliated”.

As an “Unaffiliated“ voter, you will be eligible to declare a political party affiliation at the polls to vote in either the Republican or Democratic June Primary Election. Once you vote in a primary election, you will be considered a member of that political party. You can thereafter switch your party affiliation to another political party by filing a political party declaration form with the municipal clerk or this office. Political party declaration forms are available at this office, the municipal clerk’s office or by clicking here, Political Party Declaration Forms. You must file this form no later than 55 days before a Primary election to vote in the other political party.

The new law also now allows a voter who is affiliated with a political party to go back to being an unaffiliated voter. This is done by checking off the “unaffiliated” option on the political party declaration form and filing it with the municipal clerk or this office.

If you have any questions with regard to voter affiliation, please contact this office.

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