The duties and responsibilities of the Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Elections are extensive and wide ranging.
1333 Atlantic Ave. 4th Floor
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 343-2246
+1 (609) 343-2240

Superintendent of Elections

Electronic Voting System

Voting machines utilized by the Atlantic County Board of Elections were chosen because of their ease of use for all voters. Features include:

Easy to use

Voting instructions are prominently visible.

Absolute ballot clarity

Even with a full ballot of 504 positions presented, voters see all offices and candidates at a glance with no scrolling.

Accessibility for those physically challenged

The machine rotates forward, lowering the height of the ballot by 12 inches, allowing those in wheelchairs to vote unassisted. There are no protruding legs or appendages to interfere with easy access and movement, or to become damaged when struck. Wheelchair access is compliant with provisions of the FEC Standard for DRE equipment.

Senior citizens, who represent a major percentage of the voting population, really appreciate our static ballot. It provides complete visibility of the whole election roster, candidates and propositions, without scrolling or page turning.

100% counting system integrity

With six tallying registers and over 100 electronic system verifications voting machines continuously monitor their own operations.

Minimizes under-voting

A blinking red light identifies each unvoted office on the ballot. When all the blinking lights are gone, all offices have been voted.

Eliminates over-voting

It is simply impossible to over-vote.

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