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Friday, February 19, 2021

PEOSH Clears Atlantic County for Third Time

For the third time in the last three months, the New Jersey Public Employees Occupation Safety and Health (PEOSH) Program has found Atlantic County government in full compliance with federal and state protocols and guidance to protect its employees from COVID-19.

“My administration has been dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our citizens and our employees,” stated Levinson. “The closure of these cases in absence of any findings reaffirms our efforts to provide county facilities and workplaces where both visitors and occupants feel safe and secure.”

A February 17, 2021 letter to County Executive Dennis Levinson from Glenn Pulliam, PEOSH Program Manager, confirmed the latest case has been closed. “Based on the information you have submitted, and that no response has been received from the complainant, this case will be considered closed.”

The complaint alleged hazards at the County Office Building in Atlantic City involving a ceiling leak, poor air quality and dirty air vents, none of which could be substantiated. The county was twice exonerated in December 2020 in response to previous complaints.

“Three times a charm would be my hope. I trust this puts all concerns to rest,” Levinson concluded. “I appreciate how hard our county employees have been working during this pandemic and want them to have peace of mind.”


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