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Monday, December 28, 2020

PEOSH Once Again Finds Atlantic County Government in Compliance

The New Jersey Public Employees Occupation Safety and Health (PEOSH) Program has once again found Atlantic County government in full compliance with federal and state protocols and guidance to protect its employees from COVID-19.

In response to complaints filed recently, the state failed to find any violations or hazardous conditions present at the Shoreview Building in Northfield. It previously found the County Office Building in Atlantic City to be in full compliance in response to allegations there.

“No agency or organization is without its faults, but Atlantic County government has been extremely conscientious in complying with the federal and state requirements to protect both our customers and our staff,” stated County Executive Dennis Levinson. “We have made several modifications to our policies and procedures throughout this pandemic to ensure compliance.”

Levinson further noted his confidence in the Atlantic County Health Department. “Under the leadership of Pat Diamond, the Atlantic County Health Department is recognized throughout New Jersey as the gold standard. We are extremely proud of Pat and her staff for the hard work and sacrifice of these selfless individuals.”

According to Levinson, any concerns from employees about workplace health and safety are taken seriously and are properly reviewed. But unless they are brought to their attention, the county cannot address them.

In each of the two recent cases, the county first learned of the allegations in a letter from the state after complaints were filed.

“For some reason certain employees choose not to share their concerns with their supervisors or administration and instead go directly to PEOSH,” he added.

“We fully recognize the added stress and strain this pandemic has placed on many of our essential employees and we want them to be assured that their workplace environment is safe,” said Levinson. “These reports of full compliance from the state should help give them some peace of mind.”


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