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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Atlantic City's County Tax Increase Explained

The county amount to be raised by taxation in Atlantic City DID NOT INCREASE, but instead has DECREASED by $1.4 million.

Atlantic County credited Atlantic City more than $78 MILLION over 11 years that ended with the PILOT legislation.

The tax credit to Atlantic City DECREASED by $6.9 MILLION in 2019, a decrease of 96%.

Atlantic County COLLECTS LESS from Atlantic City’s non-casino taxpayers, but the city pays more because its tax credits have decreased as a result of the PILOT.

The PILOT REMOVED $3 BILLION from the tax base.

The PILOT EXEMPTS THE CASINOS from the tax increase that must be paid by ALL ATLANTIC CITY NON-CASINO property owners.

Atlantic City was the ONLY ONE of the 23 municipalities to support the PILOT
. Atlantic County and the bipartisan Mayors Association did not support it, and sued in Superior Court and won a settlement of more than $30 million.

Atlantic County cautioned this “DAY OF RECKONING” would come and warned city and state officials to PREPARE FOR IT.

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