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Thursday, August 1, 2002

County Accepts Grant for Aerial Digital Terrain Mapping

With the acceptance of a $234,880 grant from the Federal Highway Authority, Atlantic County will now acquire enhanced aerial digital terrain maps and unique topographic data that will benefit the county's planning, engineering and emergency management operations, according to County Executive Dennis Levinson.

Atlantic County is one of four county members of the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO) to be selected for the Ortho-imagery project that involves the production of aerial imagery covering a 15-county area in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The original project was spearheaded by SJTPO and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

The county will receive digital and mylar topographic maps of the entire county with 5-foot contours from BAE Systems, ADR. It plans to use the 5-foot contours to evaluate storm drainage needs for road projects and to help evaluate open space acquisitions. The contours are also expected to be useful in evaluating emergency evacuation routes and other elevation-related projects.

Levinson noted that this imagery system is capable of producing an aerial print in one quarter of the time it would take a technician and without occupying valuable network resources. "These aerial digital terrain maps provide better accuracy and more details in less time. Atlantic County will undoubtedly benefit from this advanced technology," he said.

Plans also call for its use by the county's public health, mosquito control and public works operations.

For more information, please call John Peterson at (609) 645-5898.

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