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Friday, February 24, 2017

Remove Salt from Vehicles to Prevent Costly Repairs

Despite having experienced a relatively mild winter thus far, Atlantic County officials remind motorists that salt and brine used to treat snow covered roadways can be damaging to vehicles if not properly removed.

In the last five years, 22 million U.S. drivers have experienced rust damage to their cars due to salt and liquid de-icers, according to a recent AAA study. In addition to the safety risk, repairs resulting from this damage can be costly at an average of $500 per incident. The de-icing chemicals can corrode brake lines, exhaust systems and fuel tanks.

“The materials we use to help remove snow from roadways are extremely effective in our goal to maintain safety,” stated County Executive Dennis Levinson, “but as with so many things there is a down side and that is the corrosive nature of the materials on critical metal parts underneath vehicles.”

Levinson encourages drivers to wash their vehicles immediately after any storm that requires the treatment of roads with salt and/or brine, especially the undercarriages where most damage occurs.

“Ensuring the safety of the vehicles on our roadways is just as important as the condition of the roads they travel,” he concluded.

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