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Friday, June 20, 2014

Women's Commission Training and Employment Fair Secures 28 New Hires

Twenty-eight Atlantic County residents have obtained employment as a result of their participation in the May 1, 2014 Training and Employment Fair sponsored by the Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women (ACACW) in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Labor and the Atlantic Cape May Workforce Investment Board.

Approximately 100 individuals age 18 and older attended the fair held at The Richard Stockton College Carnegie Center in Atlantic City. Each participant completed two 30-minute training workshops prior to meeting with potential employers which included the Claridge Hotel, Shop Rite, Caesars Entertainment, Lowe’s, the Sheraton and Prince Telecom.

“This year the ACACW broke from tradition by holding this event in place of its annual legislative breakfast,” noted Freeholder Alex Marino who serves as the ACACW liaison. “We felt it was important to do what we could to connect residents seeking employment with employers. We specifically sought agencies that were hiring.”

In addition to the 28 individuals who have been hired there are dozens more who are in “pre-employment” status, awaiting results of reference checks, employment records, etc.

“The Women’s Commission is pleased to have served as the facilitator for this event and to be realizing positive results in such short time,” said Janet Garraty, ACACW chairwoman. “It was very heart-warming to see so many fellow Atlantic County residents leaving the job fair with smiles and high hopes for a good job. Our thanks to all involved who share our goal in wanting to address unemployment.”

The Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women, established in 1994, is a nonpartisan organization comprised of 15 volunteer members appointed by the County Executive. The Commissioners represent the 23 jurisdictions in Atlantic County and women's issues in the following areas: women with disabilities, labor, health care, women in the professions, women in government employment, providers of women's services, clients of women's services, education, business, women's service organizations, and women in the home.

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