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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Levinson Forms Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Regional Tourism

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson announced today the formation of an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Tourism. According to Levinson, the committee consists of public and private sector individuals with a strong interest in tourism promotion. The goal of the committee is to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated plan to promote the Atlantic County region as a tourism destination.

"Not enough has been done to increase the number of domestic visitors, corporate and convention visitors and international visitors to the Atlantic County area. It is my hope that this committee will give us the guidance and support to correct that situation and to establish a 'brand image' for Atlantic County. I am very grateful to our local chambers of commerce, business community and our state legislative team for their support and cooperation in this effort," Levinson said.

The committee, whose work is underway, consists of six subcommittees:

Public Relations
Tourism Development
Legislation and Advocacy
Publications, Promotions and New Technologies
Budgeting and Funding

Members have been working to assess the region's strengths and weaknesses, review existing tourism products, identify target markets and demographics, develop a marketing plan and develop a budget and funding proposal.
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Members of the committee currently include: Howard Kyle (Chairperson), Karen Adams, Barbara Altman, Adrienne Beinfest, Christine Brown, Freeholder Jim Carney, Tony Copolla, James Crawford, Mike Epifanio, Gloria Ford, Sharon Gordon, Rodger Gottlieb, Denise Hurlburt, Rusti Innocenzi, Don Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Pinky Kravitz, Karlos LaSane, Sara Lindkrantz, Charles Lounsberry, Robert Mawhinney, Jean McAlister, Kevin McCarty, Mary McKee, Toni Morris-Klein, James Mullen, Kim Mullins, Irma Nettleton, Teddie O'Keefe, Mario Perrucci, Patricia Pierson, Terry Price, Tom Suthard, Brenda Taube

It is expected that the committee will complete its work and present a report to the County Executive this Fall. For more information, contact Howard J. Kyle, Chief of Staff, at 343-2223.

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