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Thursday, February 6, 2003

Allied Health Advancement Pilot Program Funded by the WIB

The Youth Investment Council (YIC) of the Atlantic Cape May Workforce Investment Board (WIB) awarded $159,000 to Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC) to launch an Allied Health Advancement Pilot program in partnership with Altanticare Health Systems and Shore Memorial Hospital in Atlantic County, Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital in Cape May County and Job Connection, a partner of the Atlantic County One Stop System.

The program, open to out-of-school youth ages 17 – 21 who are interested in exploring careers in the health care industry, specifically Phlebotomy and Patient Care, will operate on a five month calendar with classes scheduled to begin late March.

Participants of the program will spend two days a week in the classroom learning life and occupational skills and three days a week on the job at one of the partnering hospital sites training to work as Phlebotomists or Patient Care Associates. In addition, the hospitals will provide a mentorship program to support participants in their exploration of careers in the industry. At the completion of the program graduates are guaranteed employment with one of the participating hospitals in their area of study or complementary fields. Graduates of the program will be required to attain a GED within the first year of employment.

In addition to on-the-job training and occupational skills classes, a case manager will be assigned to the program to manage transportation, child care and educational issues. To participate in the program, youth must meet the age and income eligibility requirements. Youth who are unemployed, under-employed or are high school drop outs are encouraged to apply.

The Youth Investment Council of the Atlantic Cape May WIB plans and oversees the workforce and career service delivery system for youth ages 14-21 in the bi-county area. The Youth Council is comprised of representatives from both the public and private sectors who are dedicated to providing youth with employment opportunities and career pathways that are closely linked to the labor market and tailored to fit individual needs.

The Council also provides a unique opportunity for our bi-county area to create, through a common vision, a system of activities and services enabling youth to be successful in education, the workplace and to become leaders in their community. Currently the Council funds eight in-school and four out-of-school youth programs in Atlantic and Cape May counties.

To find out more about this program, please call (609) 343-4808 or check out the Web at Several open house events are being planned. For additional information about YIC funded programs, please contact Sallie Gorohoff, Youth Planner for the Atlantic Cape May WIB at (609) 485-0153 ext. 364.

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