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Friday, November 15, 2002

Highway Safety Fall Freeze Warning

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson is advising property owners that with the arrival of colder weather "now is the time to deactivate and winterize your sprinkler systems and outside showers."

By taking the proper action now property owners can avoid the possibility that frost will freeze the water from their sprinklers and outside showers onto nearby roadways causing traffic hazards. You also reduce the chance of pipes bursting in your system.

If you do not winterize before the freeze, you not only face damage to your system, but possible liability that could result in lawsuits if water from your sprinkler or outside shower freezes on road surfaces and contributes to a traffic crash.

Please act now and winterize your sprinkler system and outside shower.

Now is also an opportunity to begin thinking about winterizing your automobile and making those necessary safety adjustments in preparation for the anticipated inclement weather in the coming months.

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