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Monday, September 30, 2002

Atlantic County AVA Technology Center Saves Local School Districts $1.1 Million

The Atlantic County AVA Technology Center has saved Atlantic County Schools approximately $1.1 million this year alone for media and Internet access.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson stated that he was very pleased by what the AVA has accomplished. "Clearly both our children and the taxpayers are being well served by the Center. We are fortunate to have on the commission some very dedicated individuals willing to serve our schools in a dedicated and professional manner. They have my gratitude and respect."

The AVA was able to generate this savings by providing countywide shared services for educational technology, reducing the cost of audio visual rental fees, and generating savings on high speed Internet access, e-mail service, distance learning capabilities and network administration.

According to Levinson, the AVA has come a long way since its early days when it simply served as a "county film library." "I am extremely please by how the AVA has served the citizens of Atlantic County for the past 50 years and would like to thank all those who played a role. I am sure that in the coming years the AVA will remain a valuable and important resource for further integrating technology into the curriculum of our schools."

The Atlantic County AVA was established in 1942 when the importance of audio visual material as a learning tool became increasingly recognized. At the encouragement of the then county Superintendent of Schools, Floyd Potter, each Board of Education purchased two films to be maintained in the county library. The AVA has expanded over the years as a result of increasing state and county support and the emergence of new technologies such as personal computers and the Internet.

For more information contact Terry Perkins, Director, Atlantic County Audio Visual Commission, at 625-1398.

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