The Division of Intergenerational Services serves the needs of families, youth, disabled individuals and senior citizens. Caring professionals are available to provide assessment, guidance, counseling, and information and referral. Individual case management insures a personal connection with our residents to insure that their needs are met.
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+1-888-426-9243 - In-County +1 (609) 645-5965 - Out-of-County

Department of Human Services

Division of Intergenerational Services

Children and Youth Services

Atlantic County Children's Interagency Inter Agency Coordinating Council (CIACC)

This Council serves as the county mechanism to advise the Department of Children and Families on the development and maintenance of a responsive, accessible and integrated Children’s System Of Care for children, adolescents and young adults with emotional and behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities and substance use services. 

Family Success Centers

Family Success Centers are multi-faceted community-based programs that offer families and individuals convenient access to information, support, and resources that help develop and maximize their strengths and potential.

Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit

The Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit is a 24 hour, legally mandated service. This program is designed to assist families who are experiencing serious difficulties in managing the behavior of children aged 10-17, and in situations where the behavior of the children or parent results in a serious threat to the well-being and safety of the youth or other family members. This court-affiliated program aims to intercede in family conflicts and, where possible, to divert such cases from formal court and premature out of home placement pending exhaustion of community resources. Approximately 90% of the cases are diverted from court; with less than 5% of the cases requiring out of home placement. A primary objective of the Crisis Unit is to promote and strengthen the integrity of the family unit. Services include short-term crisis stabilization, family assessment, case management, treatment planning, and referrals to appropriate community-based services.
Contact (609) 645-5861.  Email:

Juvenile Family Crisis of Atlantic County Brochure (4-27-23)

Que es Familias y juveniles en crisis?

Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit Referral

Truancy Referral for Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit

Special Child Health Services (SCHS)

Case management services for children from birth to age 21 who have a disability or pre-disabling condition.  This program is administered by Atlantic County Special Services School District.
Contact (609) 909-9269

Youth Services Commission

The Atlantic County Youth Services Commission's (YSC) mission is to plan and implement community based services and advocacy to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency and improve the juvenile justice system.

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