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Event Registration for Steel Plate Challenge

Steel Plate Challenge (12/13/2020), A 4 stage steel challenge. This is an unofficial fun match, but stages are set up the same as the official steel challenge. If you like shooting the plate rack, this should be right up your alley. Cost is $10.00 for 4 stages per firearm. Equipment: 150-200 rounds of ammunition per firearm that you would like to use. If you have 5 magazines it will make the stages go quicker. Belt, holster, magazine pouches, eye and ear protection facial covering ie mask, bandanna or scarf. If you do not have a holster or are not holster endorsed on your membership, you can still compete but your score will be recorded separately. Center fire handgun with holster (preferred). Rim fire handgun (no holsters will be used). PISTOL CALIBER rifle or carbine ( must be able to hold 10 rounds in magazine). Each shooter shoots 5 runs of each stage, the slowest run is tossed out for your average. Registration starts at 9:30 am. Match starts at approx. 10:00am All competitors must be either members of the Atlantic County Range or ranked shooters in USPSA

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