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Senior Citizens Art Show

Important Documents


Artwork Labels

Eligibility Guidelines

Entries will be accepted at the Atlantic County Library/Ventnor , 6500 Atlantic Avenue from Monday, April 2nd through Monday, April 16th, 10 AM to 3:30 PM daily. There will be no exception to this time frame. One entry ONLY per artist. Each entry is required to fill out an artwork label that must accompany the artwork. Please follow the eligibility guidelines below.

The Atlantic County Senior Citizens Art Show will take place May 1 through May 24th at the Atlantic County Library/Ventnor, 6500 Atlantic Avenue. All winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Thursday, May 24th, 1-3 PM.

A monetary prize of $100 will be presented to each first place winner from the Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services. Ribbons will be presented at the discretion of the judges in the first, second, third, and one or two honorable mention in all categories for both professional and nonprofessional entries.

For more information call Cindy McNellis at (609) 645-7700, ext. 4347

2018 Eligibility Guidelines

Atlantic County/NJ State Senior Citizens Annual Juried Art Contest & Exhibition

Three painting on display at the 2015 Senior Citizen Artshow held at the Ventnor Library.


County: Any artist, age 60 or over, currently residing in Atlantic County, may submit one entry completed within the past three years to his or her county exhibit.
The entry may not have been previously entered in a County Senior Art Show or in the New Jersey Senior Citizens Annual Juried Art Show.

State: Eligible entries winning First Place at the county level are automatically eligible to advance to the State competition. Only one entry per artist is accepted on the State level.

Entries must have been created within the past three years, and cannot have been shown in any past NJ Senior Citizen Art Shows.

Only County Coordinators may submit work from their County show to the State Senior Art Show. Artists may not submit work themselves to the State Show. Participating Counties may submit one professional and one non-professional entry in each of the following categories: acrylic, craft, digital art, drawing & prints, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, print, sculpture and watercolor. Note: only the first place winners from your County show are submitted to the State Show.

It’s strongly suggested that a category contain at least 2-3 entries for a first place winner to be selected. If there is only ONE entry in a category (on the County level), the Juror/Judge does NOT need to automatically award that work First Place. It should be left to the Judge’s discretion whether a single work in a category should represent the County in that category.


Professional:  is an artist who meets 2 or more of these qualifications:

  1. sells or has sold artwork through commercial channels (including galleries, on-line galleries, craft shows, art shows, etc.);
  2. has been exhibiting their work for 2 or more years in professional galleries and/or professional art exhibits;**
  3. has had work selected in 2 or more Juried art or craft shows;**
  4. has received 2 or more awards for their artwork;**
  5. holds (or has held) professional membership in an artists’ or craftsperson’s guild or association.

Non-Professional: is an artist who does not meet 2 or more of the above criteria.
** EXCEPTION: Artists who only enter their County Senior Art Show and who NEVER exhibit their artwork in any other show or venue does not have to identify themselves as a Professional Artist unless they have won First Place in their category multiple times – in that case, they should identify themselves as Professional.

A wood sculpture on display at the 2015 Senior Citizen Artshow held at the Ventnor Library.


  1. Acrylic Painting
  2. Craft - one-of-a-kind original creations only, no craft kits or molds
  3. Digital (Computer) Art - artwork created using computer graphics software (does not include digital photographs)
  4. Drawing - includes hand-drawn work in mediums including charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, ink, created with a pen, pencil, crayon, charcoal stick, or stylus of some sort
  5. Mixed Media – art that combines two or more media, no one of which clearly predominates; includes collage and assemblage
    NOTE: watercolor paintings with graphite or ink drawing are considered WATERCOLOR paintings, not mixed media!!
  6. Oil Painting
  7. Pastel - includes chalk and oil pastel
  8. Print – includes all print forms including etching, linoleum block, lithograph, woodcut, monoprint, silkscreen, etc.
  9. Photography - includes color, black & white or tinted photographs taken with a film-based or digital camera
  10. Sculpture - work designed in 3-dimensions, carved or constructed in any medium, abstract or figurative




  • Hanging artwork, photos or crafts, may be no more than 28" and no less than 10" in any dimension (including matting and framing).
  • Sculpture or 3-D crafts may not exceed 20" in any dimension (measurements must include any base for the sculpture). Work should not exceed 40 pounds in weight.
  • All artwork must be the original creation of the artist. No reproductions (including giclée or other digital copies) of original paintings or mixed media work will be accepted.
  • No work made using kits or direct copies of another person’s artwork will be accepted.
  • Works must be delivered to the State Show, “show-ready.” Any 2-D work must be matted, framed and wired (with screw eyes) ready for hanging. Paintings on canvas must be wired for hanging and the edges should be painted or finished, but they do not need to be framed. The 2-D artwork should be protected where necessary with plexiglas, mylar, glass, or other clear protective material. All 2-D work must be properly labeled on the back. All 3-D work should have the label lightly attached.
  • Use of plexiglas, not glass, is strongly recommended for 2-D work to avoid damage to artwork.  Plexiglas (not glass) is required for any 2-D pieces over 24” in any dimension.
  • Any entry with a dollar value exceeding $400.00 must be privately insured by the artist – either through their homeowners or rental insurance or through their art rider.
  • Every effort should be made to ensure that work is correctly categorized. Any work that is incorrectly categorized will be moved to the correct category (or risks being taken out of competition altogether) at the discretion of the jurors.
  • All artists with work in the State Show will receive an invitation to the Closing Reception & Awards Ceremony at the close of the exhibit. They should be aware that no more than ONE person may accompany them to that reception. Artists wishing to visit the show with multiple guests may do so during the regular visiting hours during the Show run before the Closing Reception.

Please note: The work displayed at the State Show is not covered by insurance. Every attempt is made to preserve, secure and protect each entry, and the artwork is handled with great care. However, the sponsoring organizations do not assume responsibility for any loss or damages incurred. Entry of work in the NJ State Senior Citizen Art Show signifies agreement and compliance with this waiver.

Artwork entered in the NJ Senior Citizen Art Show may NOT be removed prior to the close of the Awards Ceremony and Reception. On the day of the Awards Ceremony & Reception, all artwork must be officially checked out by a County Coordinator or an appointed substitute and only they may distribute that artwork to artists once it has been officially signed off on by the Coordinator.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do “Digital Photographs” go in the “Digital/Computer Art” category?
A. No. Photographs taken by a camera of any sort (including digital camera) should be entered in the Photography category – unless the artist has manipulated and digitally altered the image beyond any outcome they could have gotten using a traditional darkroom setting.

Q. Are Watercolor paintings with some ink or pencil considered Mixed Media?

A. No. Traditional watercolorists have always used graphite (pencil) and ink in their work. Watercolor pieces would only be included in Mixed Media if the artist was combining traditional watercolor techniques with other media such as collage, decoupage, oil pastels or hand-stitching, for example.

Q. If a sculpture is made from more than one material, is it considered Mixed Media?

A. No. Sculptures are often made from several different media. Any 3-D art object should be entered either as Sculpture or Craft.

Q. …how about paintings that include small photo or other materials – Mixed Media?

A. Not necessarily. If a painting is almost entirely created in one media – oils, for example – and the artist includes tiny elements of another media, such as small photos or a stencil or piece of cloth, it can still be entered as an Oil Painting, as long as the majority (more than 80%) of the piece is painted with oil paints.

Q. What’s the difference between Sculpture and Craft?

A. Traditionally, if an object is functional, that is, if it is designed to be used (like a bowl or vase) or worn (like jewelry) or to showcase mastery in a specific craft field (such as wood- working, needlepoint, quilting or leather-work), it is considered a CRAFT. Sculpture is more likely to be created to illustrate express something, and it is usually not designed to be functional. A craft item can usually be duplicated, with slight variations. A sculpture is rarely duplicated by the artist unless it is cast and recreated in small editions.

Q. Why must artwork be done within the past three years to be eligible?

A. This Show celebrates current artists who are also senior citizens. Requiring work to have been done within the past three years ensures that the artist submitting the work is still actively pursuing her or his artistic passion.

Q. If there are only ONE or two pieces entered in a Category on the County level, can one be selected to go on to the State Show? Or, does that ONE automatically have to go on to the State Show?

A. Even if there are only one or two entries in a category on the county level, a work that is considered to be of High Merit by the Juror or Judges of the County show may be awarded First Place and may move on to the State Show.
However, there is NO requirement that a solo piece in a category must be advanced to the State. Your JUROR may decide to only award an Honorable Mention to a piece that she or he does not feel is sufficiently strong to win a First Place award.


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